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UN – University of Nantes


The University of Nantes (UN) is a multi-field university which has for main objective to strongly raise the level of its scientific activities and its formations of master and doctorate to hoist them with the international standard. UN (along with CNRS, IMT Atlantique and ONIRIS) stewards the GEPEA laboratory, which boasts a long-term expertise in bioprocess engineering applied to microalgae supported by an extensive publication record. GEPEA has been rated by the national evaluation committee (AERES) as a top-level laboratory.

Infrastructures made available to IBISBA 1.0

AlgoSolis is a public facility which belongs to the University of Nantes and CNRS. AlgoSolis has integrated the EERA Bioenergy consortium as a facility enabling R&D at pre-industrial scale to investigate and optimise solutions before to be transferred to industry. Investigations are made in representative conditions of industrial applications of microalgae and by integrating the different technological bricks defining and industrial exploitation of microalgae