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UAB – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  (UAB) is one of the major public universities in Spain and coordinates the scientific and technological UAB-CIE Sphere, which comprises science and technology services, research centres, institutes and university hospitals. It also includes the PRUAB (UAB’s Research Park), which has the mission to facilitate and promote knowledge transfer from the research groups of UAB-CIE Sphere as well as offering their R&D+I capacities to meet the needs of the social and economic surrounding.

Infrastructure made available to IBISBA 1.0

UAB’s PlatBioEng (Platform for Integrated Bioprocess Engineering) combines both the infrastructure and interdisciplinary research environment to integrate cell factory engineering and bioprocess development

PlatBioEng provides access to the following installations

BioEng  (Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering) is a facility that hosts R&D+I projects in the field of microbial fermentation process development, with strong emphasis on operation strategies, process monitoring, modelling and control as well as scale-up

SysBiol  (Laboratory of Systems Biology) is a facility that works on systems metabolic engineering of microbial cell factories, with strong focus on the application of omics platforms and systems biology tools with the focus on bioprocess applications.

Biocat  (Laboratory of Applied Biocatalysis) is a facility that hosts R&D projects in the field of biocatalysis, with strong emphasis on process optimisation including biocatalyst immobilisation, medium engineering, multi-enzymatic cascade reactions, operational strategies, multiphasic reactions, cofactor recycling and process intensification.

Fermentation Pilot Plant is a multi-purpose facility that offers installations, equipment and expertise in developing enzymatic and microbe fermentation processes (including steps for primary isolation) for obtaining bioproducts in sectors such as pharma, agro-food, diagnosis or cosmetics. It also offers scientific and technological support to industrial biotechnological companies for scaling-up bioprocesses