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NTUA – National Technical University of Athens


The  National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the largest and oldest engineering university in Greece, also a first choice for undergraduate scientists and engineers. NTUA participates with the research group of the Industrial Process Systems Engineering Unit (IPSEN) of the Process Analysis and Plant Design department of the School. IPSEN combines experience in advanced process system engineering with a long design track-record on modelling in biorenewables

Infrastructure made available to IBISBA 1.0

BIOMP (Biotechnology Modelling Platform) brings together leading EU researchers committed to develop modelling technology and tools to connect experimental developments with each other and to evaluate their significance in building industrial biotechnology processes that are both sustainable and economically attractive. The modelling developments are unique, advanced and linked with industrial projects that ensure the models are worthy, valuable and aligned to practical objectives. BIOMP uses different modelling platforms that cover process and product synthesis, industrial flowsheeting and simulation, process and product optimization, value chain analysis, property and thermodynamic models, as well as short-cut cost and LCA models useful for early screening and concept analysis