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LG – LifeGlimmer GmbH

Life Glimmer

LifeGlimmer GmbH is a SME with the goal of providing to the Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Research Communities an efficient way to outsource Scientific Computing and Modelling needs. Since its start, LifeGlimmer has been providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis to a number of academic and industrial institutions. LifeGlimmer is also specialised in data stewardship, analysis, visualisation and integration, as well as reverse engineering and modelling.

Infrastructure made available to IBISBA 1.0

BIODASH is a Decision Support System that facilitates closing the gap between data availability and the discovery of new biotechnological applications. BIODASH is built on an integrated Systems Biology Dashboard using Semantic web technology and address the key challenge of turning data resources into valuable assets that can be readily used by SMEs and industries operating in bioinformatics and biotechnology.