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INRA – French National Institute for Agricultural Research


INRA is the largest agricultural research institute in Europe and the second biggest in the world. INRA performs mission-oriented research aimed at the development of high quality, safe, sustainable food for the health and well-being of populations; the preservation of the environment and the development of a competitive sustainable agriculture; the development of a bioeconomy in the service of territories.

Infrastructures made available to IBISBA 1.0

MICALIS is a large research institute with strong focus on microbial system biology and synthetic biology. One team in the institute works on metabolic engineering and synthetic biology (Bio-RetroSynth: Metabolic Engineering using Retrosynthesis).

TWB (Toulouse White Biotechnology). It is an administrative body supported by INRA that was created following the signing of an association agreement between INRA, INSA and CNRS. Initiated in October 2011, TWB attracted some thirty partners from the outset, who subsequently grouped together to form a spearhead public-private consortium, with the objectives to accelerate development in industrial biotechnology and promote the bio economy. TWB covers a wide range of skills, from biological engineering (enzymatic and metabolic engineering, synthetic biology) to the development of processes at the pre-industrial pilot scale