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Work Package 7

Building e-Tools for multi-facility project operation

WP7 will provide the e-infrastructure support that will facilitate the launch and monitoring of R&D&I pipelines that flow across time and space. To achieve this, WP7 will investigate state-of-the-art IT infrastructures needed for multi-partner, multi-site, multi-component industrial biotechnology projects and, when necessary, adapt this or develop new tools. Specifically, the work package will focus on the development of workflows written using interoperable language and their deployment within a Business Process Modelling environment that will produce auditable provenance of the results of their execution. Moreover, working with WP3 (standardisation and harmonisation), activities will investigate how to use rich metadata to describe and retain a common, related view of the various components of projects (e.g. workflows, data, models, SOPs, samples, people etc). Finally, the work package will also provide an online repository and portal for storing, sharing and launching workflows. Overall this work package is designed to demonstrate that workflows and their associated rich metadata are powerful mechanisms for collaboration and knowledge sharing, for the use of standardised protocols and harmonised procedures and for portable project execution and the acquisition of reproducible results.

WP Leader: Dr. Carole Goble (F), UNIMAN - England

WP Co-Leader: Dr. Jean-Loup Faulon (M), INRA - France