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Work Package 5

Access management

WP5 is the last, but not least of the networking actions. This work package will devise the different processes that are necessary to open access to IBIBSA 1.0 infrastructures. Importantly, to ensure excellence and relevance, this work package will implement a suitable governance, including a project selection panel and an access management committee. Together, these two bodies will ensure that project selection criteria are scrupulously applied to each project that is submitted and that a correct balance of projects is achieved.
Moreover, tasks in this work package will be dedicated to monitoring access and ensuring that quality is applied to all procedures throughout the process. Finally, working with WP2 and WP4, activities in this work package will ensure that researchers from member states that are not well-endowed with research infrastructure and SMEs are especially targeted for access during the project lifetime.

WP Leader: Dr. Fayza Daboussi (F), INSAT - France

WP Co-Leader: Jérôme Cubero-WOJCIECHOWSKI (M), INSAT - France