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Work Package 4

Innovating for, and with, industry

WP4 will specifically focus on issues related to industrial clients. In this work package a whole series of issues related to business development and communicating IBISBA 1.0 to industrial stakeholders will be tackled. Working closely with WP2, this work package will create the IBISBA brand and build a business development team dedicated to the promotion of the IBISBA 1.0 concept among different industrial stakeholders, including SMEs. Through a series of subtasks, a range of issues will be addressed, including how to best market an offer of services that is both convincing and attractive for industrial clients. Other issues that will be tackled are related future business models, fluidising relations with industrial clients, and handling of IPR. This latter issue will be a key one, since it will be necessary to promote innovation through data and knowledge sharing, while respecting a level of confidentiality typically required by industrial clients.

WP Leader: Dr. Juan Francisco Sänguesa (M), Parc de Recerca UAB (PRUAB) - Spain