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Work Package 3

Building the community and the wider network

WP3 will focus on building and consolidating internal network interoperability and on the expansion and enrichment of the network, connecting it to other relevant initiatives. Regarding internal interoperability, several critical activities will be performed, the first being the further development and consolidation of the IBISBA vision. This work will be performed using internal and external expertise and will provide a vision paper and roadmap that will be communicated to a large stakeholder base. A second activity will focus on terminology and protocol standardisation. To achieve interoperability in a highly multidisciplinary area such as industrial biotechnology and provide quality services to researchers, it is vital to be readily able to share ideas and concepts, and perform experiments in reproducible fashion and generate shareable data. To achieve all of this, key concepts, protocols and procedures will be identified in order to make recommendations to WP1 for the development of training sessions. Finally, building a network that will ultimately deliver a distributed R&D infrastructure for industrial biotechnology requires the use of previous experience, which can be found by linking to existing infrastructures, the integration of new members to fill gaps and extend services, and collaboration at the European and international levels to avoid duplication and stimulate cooperation. To achieve all of these goals activities, WP3 will reach out to the wider community of infrastructures, industry and the international community.

WP Leader: Dr. Vitor Martins dos Santos (M), WUR - The Netherlands