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Work Package 2

Communication, outreach and dissemination

WP2 will design, create and facilitate the implementation of a communication toolbox that will be required throughout the IBISBA 1.0 project and to some extent beyond. Regarding visual identity, WP2 will develop all of the elements and tools (logo, slide deck template etc.) that will render IBISBA visible and recognisable within the European and worldwide industrial biotechnology community.
Combined with the presence of IBISBA 1.0 on social media and community forums, WP2 will provide the means to efficiently disseminate results, opinions and vision papers. Working with other WPs, this work package will be responsible for the creation of the web portal that will deliver for example the means to launch and manage the transnational access programme. Within WP2, knowledge management techniques will be used to build a hypergraph-based semantic network describing the IBISBA 1.0 facilities, the links between these and the expertise behind them. This will provide a very attractive and intuitive way for users to appreciate the strength and depth of the IBISBA 1.0 network and the services that are provided. Finally, WP2 will deliver specific material for public authorities. This is important because one aim in IBISBA 1.0 is to outreach to these stakeholders in order to investigate the feasibility of building a sustainable pan-European infrastructure.

WP Leader: Dr. Beatrice Cobucci-Ponzano (F), CNR - Italy