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Work Package 1

Training users and access providers

WP1 will deliver a series of training modules or sessions. Firstly, this WP will deliver content designed to build the IBISBA 1.0 community. Key areas that are identified for training are linked to the biologist/chemical engineer divide that has been identified as a challenge for industrial biotechnology. Training workshops on terminology and protocol and data standardisation will allow all partners to share their knowledge and learn from others. This training exercise will be vital for the smooth running of the experimental joint research action, since this will require researchers in different laboratories to perform experiments according to standardised protocols.
Other training tasks will make the IBISBA 1.0 project outward looking, providing training modules for researchers that are not in beneficiary organisations. This will provide visibility to the IBISBA 1.0, inform researchers about opportunities and train users in relation to transnational access. Finally, the training work package will also focus on the analysis of current training challenges for industrial biotechnology and make recommendations of the improvement of educational cursi.

WP Leader: Dr. Heleen De Wever (F), VITO - Belgium