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About us

IBISBA 1.0 – striving to facilitate end-to-end bioprocess development

IBISBA 1.0 is a H2020-funded infrastructure (Grant number 730976) project that aims to create a pan-European network of research infrastructure that will support research in industrial biotechnology.

Bringing together R&D facilities from 9 EU member states, IBISBA 1.0 provides access to first class infrastructure for all industrial biotechnology professionals, including academic researchers, SMEs and large companies.

The IBISBA 1.0 network will offer funded-access through its transnational access program and will develop a variety of activities, such as training, that will benefit the wider scientific community.

Focusing on e-services, the IBISBA 1.0 project will also develop a dedicated knowledge hub that will provide users with FAIR access to a wide variety of project assets, such as standard operating protocols (SOPs), workflows publically-accessible, project deliverables and datasets.

Looking to the future, the overarching aim of IBISBA 1.0 project is to create a European distributed research infrastructure that will provide a range of research support services to the Industrial Biotechnology community in Europe and worldwide.